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  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Foviance training for creating accessible websites

    Accessibility is about the ability for any person, in any circumstance, using any device to access content on the web, including people with disabilities and is of increasing concern to organisations for financial, moral and legal reasons. Accessibility guidelines are a key aspect of accessibility and a review against these can be a great starting point to making your website accessible.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Whistler’s Accessibility Website

    Accessible holidays in the Whistler resort in America – specially designed accommodation, restaurants, activities, transportation, entertainment, etc for people with disabilities. This website provides information to travels on accesible holiday destinations.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Towards Best Practice in Provision of Transport Services for People with Disabilities in Ireland

    The adequate provision of an integrated accessible public transport service is one of the significant services that impact on the quality of life for people with reduced mobility and sensory impairments. Towards Best Practice in the provision of public transport is one in a series of reports which presents research commissioned by the NDA to provide baseline evidence on the quantum and range of service provision.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Recommended Accessibility Guidelines for Public Transport Operators in Ireland

    The Guidelines represent the first step in assisting and supporting bus, rail and light rail operators in Ireland in making their services more accessible to passengers with disabilities.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Guidelines for accessible maritime passenger transport

    These Guidelines for Accessible Maritime Passenger Transport will make a valuable contribution towards the provision of better maritime passenger transport services for passengers with reduced mobility. The commitment of the Government to making Ireland a better place to live for people with disabilities or mobility impairments is given a statutory basis in the Disability Act 2005.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Code of practice on accessibility of public services and information provided by public bodies (Ireland)

    The Disability Act 2005 (the Act) is a positive measure, which provides a legal basis for making public services accessible. Sections 26, 27 and 28 of the Act place obligations on public organisations to make their services and information accessible to people with disabilities. We have prepared this code of practice at the request of the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Get on board in making services accessible to all: 10 tips for better access

    A one-page list of 10 tips for making services accessible for people with disabilities

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Best Practice Access Guidelines: Designing accessible environments

    The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) is a national organisation dedicated to the achievement of the full social, economic and educational integration of people with disabilities as equal, independent and participative members of the community. Our Association is made up of a vibrant network of 20,000 members and over 2,000 staff, as well as many dedicated volunteers. Together we work to achieve greater independence, freedom and choice for people living with a disability. IWA provides a wide range of services including Resource and Outreach Centres, Holiday Centres and Assisted Living Services. Since the Association was founded in 1960, access has been high on the agenda of our members. This was evident in the recent consultation process for IWA’s strategic plan 2008-2011 Your Life – Your Way. This consultation process identified access to the built environment as the single biggest issue for IWA’s membership. It was also widely acknowledged that access issues had a direct impact on other priorities such as employment, housing, parking and transport.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Implementing an action plan to promote more age-friendly transport services

    This is a report on how five organisations within the transport sector undertook to enhance the age friendly character of the services they provide to their older customers. It details the actions taken by the organisations and highlights how this work has contributed to a heightened consciousness of the needs of older people and will continue to shape the quality of the service that they provide to their older customers.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle A guide to public transport for people with disabilities (Hong Kong)

    Both the Government and public transport operators are committed to improving transport facilities to promote the integration of people with disabilities into society. In the past 2 years, efforts have been made by the operators to improve and add many facilities for people with disabilities in using public transport services. This Guidebook, was first published in 1993 and subsequently revised in 1996, 2000 and 2003, gives information to people with disabilities on the facilities on various public transport modes to help them plan their journeys. As the public transport services in Hong Kong develop, this Guidebook will be updated periodically.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Transport access for all 2008: The Sectoral Plan for Accessible Transport under the Disability Act 2005

    Transport Access for All, the UK Department of Transport’s Sectoral Plan under the Disability Act 2005 was published in July 2006 and contained a commitment that it would be reviewed every two years.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Accessible tourism: Making it work for your business

    No sensible person in business makes life more difficult for their customers. The most successful businesses make life easier. The information in this leaflet will make both your life easier and your business more successful.