A guide to public transport for people with disabilities (Hong Kong)


Both the Hong Kong Government and public transport operators are committed to improving transport facilities to promote the integration of people with disabilities into society. In the past 2 years, efforts have been made by the operators to improve and add many facilities for people with disabilities in using public transport services.

This Guidebook, was first published in 1993 and subsequently revised in 1996, 2000 and 2003, gives information to people with disabilities on the facilities on various public transport modes to help them plan their journeys. As the public transport services in Hong Kong develop, this Guidebook will be updated periodically.

In this Guide, Chapter 2 describes the facilities provided by trains, trams, buses, ferries, taxis and public light buses. It also provides information on the "Certificate for Picking Up or Setting Down of Passengers with Disabilities in Restricted Zones".

Chapter 3 presents the Rehabus services that are available to people with mobility difficulties.

Chapter 4 contains a list of useful telephone numbers, fax numbers, websites and e-mail addresses of major public transport operators. People with disabilities may contact the operators direct through telephone, fax or website to make enquiry, lodge complaint or obtain information about the services provided by the transport operators. The Joint Council for the Physically and Mentally Disabled / Hong Kong Council of Social Service published the Hong Kong Access Guide for Disabled Visitors in 1998. It contains information about access to public venues of common interests (including hotels, shopping arcades, sightseeing venues and restaurants etc.) as well as public transport facilities.

The guide book can be obtained from Hong Kong Council of Social Service (tel.: 2864 2929, fax: 2864 2962, e-mail: rh@hkcss.org.hk) or the Visitor information & services centres of Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Another version containing information on additional venues is also available in computer diskette format and at the Council's home page (http://www.hkcss.org.hk/rh/accessguide).

The Hong Kong Transport Guide for Disabled People: