Towards Best Practice in Provision of Transport Services for People with Disabilities in Ireland


The adequate provision of an integrated accessible public transport service is one of the significant services that impact on the quality of life for people with reduced mobility and sensory impairments.

Towards Best Practice in the provision of public transport is one in a series of reports which presents research commissioned by the NDA to provide baseline evidence on the quantum and range of service provision. In commissioning this work, we found strong concurrence across key policy areas that there were large data gaps. We have established where those gaps are most evident. We hope that it can assist in setting priorities for data strategies, coordinated service delivery and integrated policies in meeting the demands for an integrated accessible public transport service in Ireland.

The timing of this report is opportune given the exciting and challenging developments currently taking place within public transport in Ireland. The Government is committed to further enhancing the accessibility features of our public transport infrastructure and this provides us with a unique opportunity to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are included. The NDA recommendations are heavily influenced by the shared understanding about ‘Transport for All’. This encompasses the whole experience of a journey, from accessible information and infrastructure to disability awareness training for staff and measuring customer satisfaction. The priorities set out in this document focus on issues where we can make an impact and are set to appear in our policy work over the next three year period under the second strategic Plan 2004-2006-"Progressing the Disability Agenda in Ireland"