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  • FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Asia-pacific conference on tourism or people with disability: Barrier-free tourism for people with disabilities in the ESCAP region

    Tourism is a rapidly growing industry in the Asian and Pacific region and people with disabilities and older persons are becoming a growing group of consumers of travel, sports, and other leisure-oriented products and services. Thus large numbers of people require tourism to be made barrier-free.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Video : Accessible Tourism Demonstration Film - Training

    Accessible Tourism personnel training in Taiwan

  • FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Video on Accessibility: For Everyone's Benefit

    EU video, July 01, 2008 β€” 3min28. More than one in ten, that is, at least 50m citizens throughout the EU, must deal with a disability and are confronted daily with physical barriers.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Nick Vaslamatzis Training Resource Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07

    A training or compliance toolkit. Please have a look at Unit 2: The Customer Service Standard at page 10 of the pdf that can be found on the attached document.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Online training programme: Respecting differences and disabilities

    Accessibility Online Learning Burst: The 'Respecting Disabilities and Differences' online training session and certificate. Some of the ways you could make your business more accessible and offer suggestions to help you make the best changes for your business.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Diada Project: "Tourism for all" training

    Developing and introducing a new training approach in the tourism sector - "Tourism for all".

  • FINAL Submitted by:Ambrose Ivor The European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning – Update on Recent Developments

    PowerPoint Presentation. January 2009 update on EQF from the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland. Overview: EQF: Purpose and Structure; Legislative process; Implementation; National Co-ordination Points; EQF Advisory Board; EQF Web Platform; EQF and Bologna Framework; Conclusion.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Tips for staff

    Tips for contact and communication; Tips for giving information; Tips for extra services; Tips to increase the accessibility and the user comfort of your venue.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Easy does it - Simple, low-cost changes to benefit you and your visitors

    This 12 page brochure breaks down the visitor journey into six stages, from attracting the visitor to book to once they have returned home. 'Easy does it’ is packed full of ideas that are simple and low-cost, including the provision of easy to find information. Improved accessibility benefits a wide range of the population from dad with a bad back, to gran with a hearing aid, a new mum with a pram or a teenager with a broken leg! Implementing just a few of the ideas suggested in the brochure will help to enhance the quality of experience for many and in turn not only meet, but exceed guest expectations.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie One step ahead

    This standard is about helping you provide a more accessible business to open your business to a wide range of potential visitors. Some practical tips : Before your guest arrive, on arrival and around your business

  • FINAL Submitted by:Ambrose Ivor Guidelines for Purchasers of Disability Equality Training (Ireland)

    The Irish National Disability Authority (NDA) has developed these guidelines for purchasers of Disability Equality Training to assist organisations with the development of their Disability Equality Training programme. These Guidelines set out for purchasers what to look for in a trainer, how the trainer might work with the organisation and the broad content of disability equality training programmes.

  • FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Profit Through Access Online Course

    OneNorthEast has developed this course to help businesses improve the experience for all visitors. The course is free of use and is divided into sections : You study in your own time. The course takes in total 300 min (=5hours), When you have completed the course you will receive a certificate.