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One step ahead


This standard is about helping you provide a more accessible business to open your business to a wide range of potential visitors.

Some practical tips : Before your guest arrive, on arrival and around your business

‘One step ahead’ will help you see your business from the perspective of older guests and those who are a little less mobile.

Taking part in this scheme has many benefits such as a visit from a specialist assessor, and you can stand out from the crowd by using the scheme logo in your marketing. This standard isn’t about disability – it’s about helping you provide a more accessible business.

The standard has also been developed to help tourism businesses prepare for the fact that we are all living longer.

Baby boomers may be getting older and may need a little extra help getting around, but they still have money to spend. Achieving this standard will open your business to a wide range of potential visitors – those who are less mobile, families, elderly guests.

Practically all your visitors will benefit in one way or another. You probably meet 80% of the standard already.

Barriers to access are often about attitude and service – which are easy to rectify. Making sure you and your staff are confident to look after all visitors is therefore the perfect starting point to you achieving this level.

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Submitted by: Dupont Florie
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Publisher: VisitEngland
Date published on the web: 31/12/2009