Video : Accessible Tourism Demonstration Film - Training


February 23, 2010 ( by suns0003) 3min15.

Friendly environment is essential for Accessible Tourism. The assistance from tourism personnel is needed.

Persons with disabilities often encounter inaccessible environments while they travel. It hinders their mobility. Their physical needs remain a demanding challenge.

With the assistance of the tourism personnel many difficulties can be overcome and the facilities can be improved. Therefore the Accessible Tourism personnel training is fundamental.

The purpose of the training is to raise awareness and understanding of Accessible Tourism to the front line tourism personnel. As well to provide assistance and service for travelers in need.

The training course includes “An introduction of Accessible Tourism”. We introduce a comprehensive idea of Accessible Tourism though film demonstration. And the knowledge of Accessible Tourism leads to qualified services. “Interactive training”.

Understand the needs of persons with disabilities by experience learning. Learn to assist persons with disabilities and to fulfill their needs during their travels, allow them to have more fun without worries.

An accessible Tourism tour will be arranged for students to have actual experience of interaction with persons with disabilities.

During the tour, students can then understand the real challenge during the travel and provide suggestions and share ideas with hotel managers and other service providers.

Demonstrating difficulties often encountered in the hotel rooms, such as the height of the closet and the bathroom facility.

Through this training process, the front line tourism personnel will know how to assist and provide services.

Together we can provide a safer, more convenient and comfortable environment for Accessible Travel.

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