Business & Disability - European case studies


This compendium presents good practices on Accessibility,

e-Accessibility and the integration of people with disabilities into private businesses and municipalities

Making your products and services accessible for all consumers, including disabled people, and guaranteeing the accessibility of your premises and information clearly makes business sense.

Europe has come to the point where the business community can no longer continue to ignore people with disabilities.

They believe that including people with disabilities in business is a source of sustained profitability for everybody.

THE OBJECTIVE : An accessible built environment is a key for a society based on equal rights and provides its citizens with autonomy and the means to pursue an active social and economic life.

The 2003 European Year of People with Disabilities saw the development of the European Network: “Business & Disability” an initiative which was fully supported by European Commission with the objective to create conditions where all individuals, whether employees, customers, suppliers or investors, are able to channel their skills and experience into a successful and responsible business and contribute to economic growth.

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