Think Access Q-book


“You can have the most physically accessible building in the world, but if you don’t get the motivation and training of staff right and that awareness of people’s needs whether they are disabled or not, you haven’t got an accessible inclusive environment”

Delivering quality tourism experiences that are accessible to all… making life easy for you and easy for your visitors.

When booking a holiday or short break, good accessibility can often be a decision-maker.

Not just a problem for wheelchair users, accessibility issues can impact upon anyone, including those with any degree of restricted mobility, hearing or visual impairments. think access is aimed at a wide range of the population from dad with a bad back, to gran with a hearing aid, a new mum with a pram or a teenager with a broken leg!

To help create a relaxing and stress free environment for all of our visitors, East Midlands Tourism has developed the think access Q-book designed to help businesses enhance their establishments by providing better ease of access.

The Q-book simply illustrates that often by making minor low cost changes to your business you can make a major difference to your customers, helping to exceed their expectations and keep them coming back for more.