ECQA Guide


The papers in this book comprise the guidelines of the European Certification and Qualification Association to set up, maintain and manage the ECQA. EQN The former EU Leonardo Networking project EQN (European Quality Network, 2005 - 2007) has developed quality rules for educational programmes to be accepted. Quality rules relate to skills architecture, course syllabus, test questions and certification rules for exam bodies, training organizations and trainers. EQN led to the foundation of the ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) which as an independent not for profit association is responsible for the implementation of the quality rules. In the current EU project EU Certificates Campus (2008 – 2010) the existing infrastructure has been extended to include online training facilities for a cluster (the cluster covers areas of IT and services, engineering, and manufacturing) of certified professions. The current system provides a computer supported infrastructure for online self assessment, online training and test (with automated corrections) for a pool of professions. ECQA targets the EQF (European Qualification Framework) level 4 and 5 courses to continuously train people at the work place in the practical application of skills in an industry environment and to transfer the skills to further industry areas. Editors of the Updated Guideline Dr Richard Messnarz, ISCN, Austria and Ireland (former EQN project coordinator, EU Cert Campus technical manager) Mag. Bruno Wöran, Danube, Austria (EU Cert Campus Coordinator) Prof. Dr Karl Ennsfellner, University of Applied Sciences,Krems, Austria The EU Cert Campus Partnership –