Europe for All Photo and Measurement Guide for Access Auditors


The Europe for All Photo and Measurement Guide was produced by the OSSATE Consortium (2005 - 2007) in order to facilitate accurate measurements of tourist infrastructure and as a guide for taking photographs to be used for information purposes.

It is offered here as an open training resource for prospective access auditors, tourism business owners and others who may be preparing to carry out accessibility assessments of tourism venues and infrastructure. 

The document may be copied and used "as is" for educational purposes, as long as the following reference is acknowledged: "Europe For All Photo and Measurement Guide" (EU eContent project, 2006) OSSATE Consortium and ENAT asbl. (2016).  Any uses of this document other than strictly educational purposes must be approved in advance, in writing, by ENAT asbl.

Legal Notice: The "Europe For All Photo and Measurement Guide", when used by a supplier or auditor, is intended only as an advisory document. Using this document does not a guarantee the level of accessibility that is stated by the said supplier.  Neither ENAT nor its partners  can be held responsible for any loss or damages that may result from the use of information that is contained in the Europe For All Photo and Measurement Guide.