Article: Creating a framework for social learning in your enterprise


The social learning revolution has only just begun. Corporations that understand the value of knowledge sharing, teamwork, informal learning and joint problem solving are investing heavily in collaboration technology and are reaping the early rewards. - Jay Cross There is a growing demand for the ability to connect to others. It is with each other that we can make sense, and this is social.

Organisations, in order to function, need to encourage social exchanges and social learning due to faster rates of business and technological changes.

Social experience is adaptive by nature and a social learning mindset enables better feedback on environmental changes back to the organisation. - George Siemens

Together with our increased awareness of the need to adopt new approaches to supporting workers in doing their jobs, evidence is also telling us that a focus on knowledge transfer and acquisition, an approach rooted in Plato's academy, is not the best one available to us.

We need move to more discursive approaches to learning and development: We are moving to the world of the sons of Socrates, where dialogue and guidance are key competencies. It is a world where the capability to find information and turn it into knowledge at the point-of-need provides the key competitive advantage, where knowing the right people to ask the right questions of is more likely to lead to success than any amount of internally-held knowledge and skill. - Charles Jennings

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