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Research Database

This page gives access to a range of documents, videos, pedagogical materials and other relevant information for accessible tourism training.

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05/10/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Ambrose Ivor Special Needs Accesible Hotel (Video)

Axess TV and CNN on Scandic Hotel's accessibility ambassador, Magnus Berglund

31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle TFA Tourism For All Website

The TFA Training courses have been developed with the help of people with disabilities and industry professionals from across Europe. It is a fresh, user friendly and thorough training tool which can be accessed easily either at the work place, in an office or at home.

31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Foviance training for creating accessible websites

Accessibility is about the ability for any person, in any circumstance, using any device to access content on the web, including people with disabilities and is of increasing concern to organisations for financial, moral and legal reasons. Accessibility guidelines are a key aspect of accessibility and a review against these can be a great starting point to making your website accessible.

31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Whistler’s Accessibility Website

Accessible holidays in the Whistler resort in America – specially designed accommodation, restaurants, activities, transportation, entertainment, etc for people with disabilities. This website provides information to travels on accesible holiday destinations.

31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Get on board in making services accessible to all: 10 tips for better access

A one-page list of 10 tips for making services accessible for people with disabilities

31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Best Practice Access Guidelines: Designing accessible environments

The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) is a national organisation dedicated to the achievement of the full social, economic and educational integration of people with disabilities as equal, independent and participative members of the community. Our Association is made up of a vibrant network of 20,000 members and over 2,000 staff, as well as many dedicated volunteers. Together we work to achieve greater independence, freedom and choice for people living with a disability. IWA provides a wide range of services including Resource and Outreach Centres, Holiday Centres and Assisted Living Services. Since the Association was founded in 1960, access has been high on the agenda of our members. This was evident in the recent consultation process for IWA’s strategic plan 2008-2011 Your Life – Your Way. This consultation process identified access to the built environment as the single biggest issue for IWA’s membership. It was also widely acknowledged that access issues had a direct impact on other priorities such as employment, housing, parking and transport.

27/04/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Online training programme: Respecting differences and disabilities

Accessibility Online Learning Burst: The 'Respecting Disabilities and Differences' online training session and certificate. Some of the ways you could make your business more accessible and offer suggestions to help you make the best changes for your business.

15/04/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Ambrose Ivor The European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning – Update on Recent Developments

PowerPoint Presentation. January 2009 update on EQF from the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland. Overview: EQF: Purpose and Structure; Legislative process; Implementation; National Co-ordination Points; EQF Advisory Board; EQF Web Platform; EQF and Bologna Framework; Conclusion.

06/04/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie One step ahead

This standard is about helping you provide a more accessible business to open your business to a wide range of potential visitors. Some practical tips : Before your guest arrive, on arrival and around your business

23/03/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Ambrose Ivor Guidelines for Purchasers of Disability Equality Training (Ireland)

The Irish National Disability Authority (NDA) has developed these guidelines for purchasers of Disability Equality Training to assist organisations with the development of their Disability Equality Training programme. These Guidelines set out for purchasers what to look for in a trainer, how the trainer might work with the organisation and the broad content of disability equality training programmes.

16/03/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Accessible Tourism - Simple Changes for Accessibility

Here are some simple changes to consider for making your business more accessible. By "Legacies Now", Canada.

16/03/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Ambrose Ivor Trainer Guide - Australian Flexible Learning Toolbox

Tourism, Hospitality and Events Training Package SIT07 Series 11 Flexible Learning Toolbox.