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Research Database

This page gives access to a range of documents, videos, pedagogical materials and other relevant information for accessible tourism training.

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31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 2010

This document provides guidelines for designing user agents that lower barriers to Web accessibility for people with disabilities. User agents include browsers and other types of software that retrieve and render Web content.

31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Transport access for all 2008: The Sectoral Plan for Accessible Transport under the Disability Act 2005

Transport Access for All, the UK Department of Transport’s Sectoral Plan under the Disability Act 2005 was published in July 2006 and contained a commitment that it would be reviewed every two years.

17/05/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Video on Accessibility: For Everyone's Benefit

EU video, July 01, 2008 — 3min28. More than one in ten, that is, at least 50m citizens throughout the EU, must deal with a disability and are confronted daily with physical barriers.

06/04/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Easy does it - Simple, low-cost changes to benefit you and your visitors

This 12 page brochure breaks down the visitor journey into six stages, from attracting the visitor to book to once they have returned home. 'Easy does it’ is packed full of ideas that are simple and low-cost, including the provision of easy to find information. Improved accessibility benefits a wide range of the population from dad with a bad back, to gran with a hearing aid, a new mum with a pram or a teenager with a broken leg! Implementing just a few of the ideas suggested in the brochure will help to enhance the quality of experience for many and in turn not only meet, but exceed guest expectations.

16/03/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Accessible Tourism Strategy – Accessibility Rating Icon Guidelines Business

This document outlines guidelines for displaying the accessibility icons in various media including web, print and on-site. Accessibility Tourism Strategy, Accessibility Assessment Rating, Logo, Business Website Guidelines, On Site, Staff Education,...