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Research Database

This page gives access to a range of documents, videos, pedagogical materials and other relevant information for accessible tourism training.

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31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle Towards Best Practice in Provision of Transport Services for People with Disabilities in Ireland

The adequate provision of an integrated accessible public transport service is one of the significant services that impact on the quality of life for people with reduced mobility and sensory impairments. Towards Best Practice in the provision of public transport is one in a series of reports which presents research commissioned by the NDA to provide baseline evidence on the quantum and range of service provision.

18/03/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie Business & Disability - European case studies

This compendium presents good practices on Accessibility, e-Accessibility and the integration of people with disabilities into private businesses and municipalities

15/03/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Ambrose Ivor DisabilityAwareness.Net Brochure

2-page illustrated leaflet describing training courses given by the author (in Ireland) about disability awareness for businesses.

15/03/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Ambrose Ivor Disability Awareness

The Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) is contacted each year by many people studying different aspects of disability as part of their course work or for their own personal development. This factsheet has been written to give some insight into the issues surrounding disability, particularly focusing on the ways in which disability in society today continues to be a barrier to achievement and equality.