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Research Database

This page gives access to a range of documents, videos, pedagogical materials and other relevant information for accessible tourism training.

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31/08/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Jeffares Isabelle A guide to public transport for people with disabilities (Hong Kong)

Both the Government and public transport operators are committed to improving transport facilities to promote the integration of people with disabilities into society. In the past 2 years, efforts have been made by the operators to improve and add many facilities for people with disabilities in using public transport services. This Guidebook, was first published in 1993 and subsequently revised in 1996, 2000 and 2003, gives information to people with disabilities on the facilities on various public transport modes to help them plan their journeys. As the public transport services in Hong Kong develop, this Guidebook will be updated periodically.

17/03/2010 FINAL Submitted by:Dupont Florie 2010: A Europe Accessible for All

Report from the Group of Experts set up by the European Commission : October 2003. “THE OBJECTIVE: A EUROPE ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL” . This strategy has a target date: 2010. This is why the "accessibility agenda" which is fleshed out in this report should be implemented with this same 2010 deadline. By this date, all new constructions, their vicinity (pavement, bus stops,…) and their environment (signage, electronic devices,…), should be accessible for all.